HouseHold6 Cooking Club

HouseHold6 (HH6) Cooking Club is a group of military spouse food bloggers hoping to bring some HOOAH/OORAH!! in our own chow hall by tackling monthly culinary themes and challenges.  Feel free to visit our blogs to see what we are all about and what we come up with.  We’re on Facebook too!


WENDI @ Breezy’s Bites
HEATHER @ Cheeseburger In Glacial Ice
RACHEL @ Come What May
JACKIE @ Cooking With Mrs Sea Monster
SARAH @ The Ginger Cooks
AMY @ The Journey of a Young Chef
KATIE @ Katie Did…
KAREN @My Goal Is Simple
JULI @ Pictures Of All My Princesses
HOLLY @ The Pioneer Apron
KATHERINE @ Please Give Peas A Chance
LINDSEY @ Rebecca’s Persuasions From The Oven
ROWENA @ Saraplicious! Kitchen
CAIT @ The Patriotic Baker

If you want to be a part of HouseHold6 Cooking Club, feel free to contact any of the members above.