Best Bread Knife Reviews 2022

Best Bread Knife Reviews 2022

There is no other knife in your kitchen that looks like a bread knife, and it serves a different purpose than any other blade in your kitchen. If you’ve never sliced bread with another straight knife, such as a chef’s knife or paring knife, you may not understand their importance. If you purchase a quality bread knife, you can cut through crusts that are dense and thick, as well as bread that is softer. As soft as bread may seem, it’s one of the most difficult things to cut without damaging it. This is where the serrated blade comes in that.

If you don’t have these, you’ll break the bread trying to cut through the tough outer crust. As you flatten the bread into a pancake, you may be able to break through the crust. Now you will most likely just break the soft bread instead of slicing it. The serrations of the blade make it possible to “cut” the hard outer rind and the soft part in between without damaging them.

We’ve selected our top bread knives for 2022

Quick Comparison By Us


DALSTRONG Serrated Bread Knife

Serrated edge allows you to easily slice through everything from crispy breads and sandwiches, to melons and delicate fruits and vegetables without squashing tender interiors


Victorinox Fibrox 8-Inch Serrated

Serrated edge allows you to easily slice through everything from crispy breads and sandwiches, to melons and delicate fruits and vegetables without squashing tender interiors


Zelite Infinity Serrated Bread Knife

This razor sharp, visually appealing, minimal slicing resistance, satisfying heft, premier bread knife makes an ideal gift for any chef. The 10-inch (25.4cm) full-tang razor-sharp design makes it an ideal, multipurpose tool.


Shun Cutlery Classic Bread Knife 9”,

The Shun 9-inch Classic Bread Knife glides through bread with ease, slicing tender and crusty breads alike with no ripping, squashing or tearing. It’s also ideal for cakes and pastries.


DALSTRONG Serrated Bread Knife

A Dalstrong culinary revolution combining outstanding and award-winning craftsmanship, cutting-edge breakthrough technology, awe-inspiring design, and the absolute best materials available. Peak performance never looked so good to you or your wallet.


Tojiro Bread Slicer 270mm F-687

Products with electrical plugs are designed for use in the US. Outlets and voltage differ internationally and this product may require an adapter or converter for use in your destination. Please check compatibility before purchasing.

Listed below are the top Six finest bread knives

How do you choose a reliable bread knife among so many options? We’ve compiled a list of the top 6 bread knives available today. In addition to the list, you can find our buying guide that discusses what to consider when deciding what to buy.

1. Dalstrong Bread Knife (Gladiator Series), 10″


The serrated bread knife from the Dalstrong Gladiator series. Featuring the exclusive Gladiator Series G10 triple riveted handle, additionally laminated for strength, sanitation, and water and stain resistance. Incredibly sharp, full tang, imported German high carbon steel with 16–18-degree hand polished edge. Geometrically angled prongs provide effortless fine slicing with a single stroke, minimal crumb spread on bread, and smooth, painless slicing of large fruits, cabbage, and boneless ham.Award-winning design bread knife, convincing weight, high-quality materials, and high-quality feel. The luxurious black G10 handle has three rivets with a grip that ensures comfort and maneuverability. Laminated and polished for plumbing, perfect for busy kitchens.


  • German High Carbon Steel
  • Rockwell Hardness 56+
  • Full-Tang
  • Triple-Riveted Packwood Handle
  • Premium Gift Packaging

2. Victorinox Swiss Army Bread Knife, 8″


The serrated edge lets you easily slice everything from crusty bread and sandwiches to melons and tender fruits and vegetables without crushing the tender inside. The curved blade gives you comfortable cutting with a rocking motion and allows plenty of knuckle clearance for easy slicing “Recommended” by a leading gourmet consumer magazine with unbiased tool ratings and reviews Cooking & Cooking Equipment. Made in Switzerland since 1884; Designed for professionals who use knives all day, every day; lifetime guarantee against material and processing defects.


  • Very Inexpensive
  • Non-Slip Fibrox Pro Handle
  • Dishwasher Safe (Hand-Wash Recommended)
  • Lifetime Warranty

3.  Zelite Infinity X50 Bread Knife, 10″


Razor sharp, visually stunning, minimal cutting resistance, satisfying weight, premium bread knife, an ideal gift for any home cook or professional. Precise thin slicing like an international chef – cooking never felt so good! Carbon content: long-lasting performance, resistant to rust, corrosion and stains so low maintenance for you. 56 Rockwell hardness means the blade is tough, hard, and exceptionally sharp. This extra-long tool offers you extreme cutting power – try it and you will see. Full tang, ergonomic safety handle, largely black, rounded, forged handle, Rare tapered gusset, the perfect balance for maximum strength and total control, 10-inch Pro Classic bread slicer. Exactly what you have been waiting for: comfort and performance! Try this sword as a Kitchen

Check out the rest of the CP Series to build your collectible set!

Extra sharp serrated 18-degree wavy tooth, you will NEVER need sharp, ensuring long-lasting cutting performance. Take your cookings skills to the next level. Packaged in an ultra-premium packaging box, perfect for gifting or even better, treating yourself. Engineered to fit in the palm of your hand better than any glove, hence the name Comfort Pro Series.15-year risk-free guarantee (only when sold by Zelite Infinity). Buy Zelite Infinity Knives today with complete confidence! Ideal gift (Christmas, Wedding, Birthdays, Father’s Day, and Mother’s Day) for home cooks, professional gourmet chefs, cooking students, and more. You can’t lose – the most comfortable grip you’ll ever feel with unmatched massive cutting performance.


  • German High Carbon Stainless Steel
  • Rockwell Hardness 56 +/-2
  • Full-Tang
  • Tapered Bolster
  • Ultra-Premium Packaging
  • Risk Free 15yr Warranty

4.  Shun Classic 9-Inch Bread Knife


Shun knives are known for their razor-sharp edges and smooth performance, and are an option when purchasing a Japanese-style blade. And it helps that they’re beautiful. The handle is made of durable Pakka wood and designed with an ergonomic D-shape and bolster for maximum comfort in the hand. The blade, ground with the patented “super steel” VG-MAX, consists of 34 wafer-thin layers of stainless steel. The edge has a slight curve that creates a slight rocking motion when cutting and protects your knuckles from rubbing against the cutting board.

The Damascus-style blade is beautiful, but also incredibly sharp, corrosion-resistant, and has wide teeth that make for smooth, even cuts. This knife performed very well in all three tests, cut mature Tomatoes, stale sourdough bread and tender challah gently and cleanly for even slices. Yes, it’s quite expensive, but we think the quality of performance makes it worth it. Shun will sharpen your serrated knife for free as long as you buy from a Authorized Dealer; You pay for shipping and handling. , but the experts at Shun will refine and sharpen your blade.


  • Great weight and balance
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Razor-sharp edges
  • VG-MAX “super steel”
  • 34 micro-thin layers of stainless steel

5.Wusthof Classic Double Serrated 9-Inch Bread Knife


Wuesthof is known for its sharp edges, German craftsmanship and sleek design, offering a durable and reliable bread knife to complement your kitchen arsenal. The classic 9″ double serrated bread knife features a full tang with riveted handles, full padding and finger guards for maximum comfort and safety. And the high-carbon stainless steel is precision-forged for weight and durability. Wusthof’s proprietary edge technology ensures you produce sharper knives with better edge retention, especially important in a serrated bread knife.

The interesting feature of this model are the double flutes that cut crusty breads (crusty on the outside and soft on the inside) and a very soft challah that is pleasant, smooth and fun to the touch. Although we thought the teeth of this knife would effortlessly slice through a tomato cleanly, it jammed while slicing and required a bit more force to complete the slice. Nevertheless, I highly recommend it as a bread knife as a relative cheaper option (it’s about $20 cheaper) than our overall best pick for similar quality.


  • Blade Material:  High-carbon stainless steel 
  • Handle Material: Polymer
  • Blade Length: 9 inches
  • Weight: 6.6 ounces

6. Tojiro Bread Slicer


The Tojiro Bread Slicer is made from durable high-carbon stainless steel and features a slim, patterned Japanese-style blade and natural wood handle with stainless steel rivets for a comfortable grip. The blade resists corrosion and feels springy in the hand, so it’s no surprise that it performed effortlessly clean on both hard sourdough bread and soft challah bread in our lab tests. Like other Japanese-style blades (including our top pick), the Tojiro is razor sharp. Deftly slices bread with minimal pressure.

The flexibility of the blade shouldn’t be that much of an impediment with harder-edged foods – in our lab tests with chewy sourdough, the sharp teeth still got the job done when we applied a little more pressure to the disc. We think it might have been better balanced if it was an ounce or two heavier, but that wasn’t such an important factor. When we used the Tojiro on a ripe tomato, the flexible blade was also able to cut thin, clean slices, although the ridges caught a bit on the tomato from time to time. Durable materials and an intuitive design keep these high-quality, affordable knives sharp for a long time. Just make sure you have room for it as it’s a very long knife at almost 15, inches long.


  • Thin, flexible blade, affordable, comfortable grip, lightweight
  • Blade Length: 9.25 inches
  •  Handle Material: Composite wood
  • Blade Material: High-carbon stainless steel
  • Weight: 4 ounces

Bread Knife Buying Guide

There is a common misconception about bread knives. The idea is that since the blades are serrated and difficult to sharpen at home, you should buy one cheap and then buy another when it gets dull. However, there is a real irony in this statement. If you buy a bread knife made out of hardened stainless steel, like one of our lists above made out of high-quality carbon steel, then you’ll have a much better edge retention. You don’t need to sharpen
as quickly as a cheap bread knife.

  Also, bread knives are not used as often as other more commonly used knives in the kitchen, such as bread knives. B. steak knife. The prongs also protect the sharp edges between the prongs and do not make full contact with the cutting board.  Using a wooden cutting board will also further extend the life of your sharp bread knife. 

Although it may be true that you can overcome the shortcomings of a cheap no-saw knife by keeping it very sharp That’s not always the case with a bread knife. The good news is that even the best bread knives are relatively cheap compared to some of your other kitchen knives where very high-quality steel alloys are more important.

  This is often the case with sushi knives.  To get the ultra-sharp blade needed for cutting, knife makers have to use much more expensive materials than bread knives. With bread knives, the slots allow for cheaper materials, making them more affordable for you and me. Come on, this is a knife to have fun with!

How To Choose the Best Bread Knife

You’ve seen our list of our favorite bread knives and are probably wondering how we choose them from the hundreds, if not thousands, that are available? We’ve done extensive research and found that some of the most important factors to consider are blade shape and length, sharpness, type of flutes, online reviews and user feedback, and of course price. Some of these are more user preferred and/or based on their use for bread knives like blade length
. On the other hand, some of them are very important and shouldn’t be overlooked at all like user comments.

Blade Shape

While most consumers will be familiar with the look of the standard straight bread knife, it also comes in an offset serrated and curved blade version. We like the standard straight blade better than the other two, but that’s really just personal preference and again can depend on how you want to use the knife. Here are some examples to help you figure out what we’re talking about.

Std. Bread Knife

This is probably the shape you’re used to for bread knifes. It’s long, narrow, and does an honest job for most.

Curved Bread Knife

Depending on the user and the cutting motion used, a curved, serrated blade may help with ergonomics and feel.

Offset Bread Knife

The offset knife cuts similar to the standard, but allows room between your fingers and therefore the cutting surface.

Blade Length

Bread knives come in a variety of sizes, typically between 6 and 10 inches. While we definitely don’t recommend buying a bread knife shorter than 8″, anything longer really depends on your use for the knife. If you always cut French bread with your knife, 8″ will do. If you’re making larger loaves of bread or any other use that takes a little longer, buying a 10-inch or larger bread knife now may save you from needing something longer in the future. The longer the knife, the more versatile for different bread shapes.

  Just something to keep in mind.

High-Quality Steel/Edge Retention

As with any knife, the edge is something you want in a knife, right? Especially for serrated bread knives, the use of high-quality knife steel is an important feature, as it keeps the blade sharp for longer. Why is that important? Mainly because sharpening serrated blades isn’t easy or intuitive, and most beginners don’t even try. One way to avoid actually sharpening your bread knife is to buy one with good edge retention, also known as high-quality
steel, like the high-end models above.

  In these cases, you really shouldn’t need to sharpen the blade, and the best you can do is touch up the edge with setting 3 of our favorite electric knife sharpener. This is a quick and easy way to stay sharp without the hassle of a real serrated knife sharpener.

Bread Knife Uses

Although they’re called bread knives, this long, serrated blade isn’t just a bread knife. They can do so much more because of the serration and uniqueness compared to all other knives in your kitchen. As discussed above, this design is perfect for both hard outer shells and soft foods. As you know, that description fits a lot more than just bread. Also, their length allows them to cut through larger foods than most other knives.

How To Use a Bread Knife

It’s not difficult to use a bread knife, especially if you invest in one of our lists above. This is mainly because, as mentioned, it is ultra-sharp and has good edge retention. However, using a bread knife is not the same as you are used to using a standard non-serrated knife. This is because using a bread knife, as opposed to a forceful chopping or slicing motion, is more delicate than using force.

The key to slicing bread with a bread knife is not crushing the bread, which is exactly what happens when you press on it while slicing.

  Instead, use a back-and-forth sawing motion that allows the flutes to do all the work. In this case, good bread knives easily cut both the crust and the soft part of the bread.  It also makes for a nice smooth, straight cut, while pressing hard could tear the bread and leave a messy, broken pile of crumbs.

If you’re slicing fresh bread from the bread maker, be sure to let it cool down before
slicing. Warm bread can be very difficult to cut as it tries to stick to the knife blade.

To ensure that your new bread knife lasts for many years, always wash it thoroughly immediately and store it in a dry place. Although the manufacturer of the knife states that it is dishwasher safe, we recommend hand washing and drying immediately. This ensures that your investment remains in good condition without fear of rusting or other damage.

Do I Need an Electric Bread Knife?

You’ve seen electric bread knives. Years ago, we used one to carve turkey, I think. They can’t do anything that a standard bread knife can’t do as well or better. The only additional advantage of an electric bread knife is that the sawing movement is powered. Sure, this helps if you’re doing a repetitive task over and over again throughout the day.

  However, for most private purposes it is really unnecessary.  The good news, however, is that they’re relatively inexpensive and appreciated if you want to try one.

How To Sharpen a Bread Knife

People often worry about sharpening a bread knife because of the serrated blade. We admit that it can be confusing how to sharpen a blade like this on the first try. However, it’s a lot easier than you think. Because the serrations strongly protect the edge of the blade from contact with the cutting surface, they initially remain sharper than straight-edged knives. Because of this, it’s rare that you have to do more than just to touch up the edge.

The Final Slice on Bread Knife Reviews

The Blade Advisor crew would really like to thanks for finding out our submit at the high-quality knife for slicing bread and analyzing via our purchasing guide.  We desire it become exciting and academic for you.  After the chef’s/santoku knife and a paring knife, a good, serrated bread knife is the subsequent maximum not unusual place knife in kitchens today.  They are flexible and may reduce many ingredients with little attempt and tearing.

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